Friday, September 29, 2006

Passport Fiasco

The other night my mom came over to help me label my art supplies. While she was here she told me to go on MSN because my sister would be on. I hardly ever go on it since I can't stand the small talk, but I did anyways to talk to Emily. When I got on I received a message from my friend Chelsea. Chelsea and I have a great friendship. We see each other about twice a year, but it's never awkward or anything. We met when we were in grade eleven, through a mutual friend. Chelsea went to a private high school in the city, and I went to a public one in Ladner. During our grade eleven year we saw each other almost every weekend, but once we both ended the friendships we had with the mutual friend, it was harder to get together. After we both graduated it became even harder since we both have such hectic lives. (yes, I used to have a very busy life! I will again soon too, when I get a job).

Anyways, we decided to get together, so I drove out to Ladner to visit her last night. As I was getting ready to leave my condo Gizmo noticed me putting on shoes and ran to hide so I couldn't put him in the bathroom. I felt sorry for the little guy, so he came along for the ride. Bad idea. He threw up on the drive there, as well as when we got home. But Chelsea and her parents loved him! (how can you not). We grabbed Quizno's for dinner and also took Gizmo for a nice walk. The strangest thing of all is Chelsea invited me to her birthday dinner, but I told her I would be in Europe. Turns out she's leaving for Europe a few days after me!! So we're planning on meeting up, which would be so much fun! She is so easy going, and loves different cultures and art, so she would be the perfect person to travel with. She's also on Jarod's sister Megan's soccer team.

Chelsea also reminded me to check out my passport. Turns out it was expired!! I leave Vancouver on Tuesday to fly to Toronto, and then to London two days later!! So today was a blast. My mom picked me up at 10:30am and we drove to the surrey passport office. First I got passport photo's taken, and then we picked up forms and realized I needed a person with a fancy job to sign it who has known me for two years. The only people who qualified for me were my old doctor (he wasn't working) and my optometrist. So we drove to Ladner to get my eye doctor to sign the documents, then we picked up subway for some nourishment, and drove to the passport office in Richmond. And we sat. And we waited. And waited some more. And finally after telephone calls and an extra fee they said they could have it ready for me to pick up in Vancouver on Monday at 3pm. Pheeewph. That would have been horrible if I couldn't get a passport!!

On the drive back to Surrey we stopped at the bank so I could get a Master Card. Megan works there, so she got to help me at her own desk. She has her own business cards and everything! And she's a year younger than me! That girl's going to be so successful.

And now I just walked in the door, played with Gizmo, and started writing this. It's 5pm now. What a long, boring day. Again though, it was more productive than sleeping!

So I leave for my trip on Sept. 3, and I think I am coming home on the 20th. I am so excited to go to Greece. My favorite food is Greek, so I plan on eating lots. And I would also like a tan. My skin is always the pailest for foundation and stuff. I don't burn much either though. It just sort of stays the same. But I hope I get a tan and people will say, "Wow Alice, have you been on a vacation!?"

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