Monday, September 18, 2006

moving on

So I got fired and I was upset. Note the "was". I am moving on. At first I thought it might still be a joke, and wasn't super upset. then time went by and I got really sad, and then more time went by and I got mad. Very mad. Now I am going to take what happened and turn it into something good.

Perhaps I needed this to follow my heart. Maybe this is all part of some plan for me to get back into making art and doing what I love, and to make a career out of it. Maybe it's not and it just sucks, but whatever... I can't let myself fall into a depression over it.

Therefor I am giving myself rules:

1)I am not allowed to sleep for more than nine hours per night. This is a biggy. I can't let myself sleep in all day and not get anything done.
2) I must eat properly. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Real meals and not just a chocolate bar or something silly. In order to get healthy I have to eat right.
3)I have to get out of the condo at least once a day. I can take Gizmo for a walk, go to the store, sit outside and read, whatever, just leave the condo.
4) I must do some sort of art everyday. A scrapbook page, a painting, make a card, jewelry, a scuplture, a drawing, even just a random page in my art journal. Something to get my creativity going.

I think that's it. Pretty simple things that will help me not become a lazy depressed blob feeling sorry for myself over getting fired. I have to take this and turn it into something positive.

I am excited. I really don't know what I want to do... but I know I don't want to go back to retail. I know that I am an artist. That is my passion. These are my skills:

I can draw
I can paint
I can scrapbook
I can make cards
I can make things out of clay/sculpey
I can take photographs (not a pro, but learning)
I can do collage and altered art
I can make mosaics
I can make paper
I can make earrings

So... anybody need to hire an artist? :)

I think I may start my own website selling crafts and artwork. How do you even do something like that? Not sure yet... but I'll find out.

I am confused, but also excited.

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Anonymous said...

YAAAAAAAAAYYYY!! Alice-i'm so glad for you! This list/rules is crucial! You should post your art everyday! i'd love to see it!
have a great day!
PS> i'm home tonight if you wanna call me, chat it up.
PPS> No KI. The Winners were selected. But i'm okay. Sad but ok.
<3 LA