Saturday, September 02, 2006


This is just a post to say congratulations to my friend Leigh-Ann. She is in the semi-finals for the KI memories color theory contest. She has given me a little hope that even though there are a million scrapbookers out there, it is still possible to get noticed if you try hard enough. I hope she wins the grand prize!

Congrats darling! I can't wait to buy whatever you'll be published in!

Here is a link to the page announcing her name.

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Anonymous said...

hi alice!
are you alive? haven't seen a post for a while? i love your blog-don't let it die. i'm posting this 'aynomous'(i hate spelling that word) so that it will allow me to leave a comment.
thanks for posting this congrats, it was so nice, and brought a tear to my eyes. you're awesome!