Monday, September 25, 2006


I've been feeling really good the last couple days. I still don't know how I am going to make any money, but other than that my mood is pretty good.

Jarod and I went to IKEA today. I love that store! I picked up some small wood mirrors that I am going to hand paint and try to sell. I also bought a shelving unit to go in the corner of my art nook. That way I can keep all my art books near me for inspiration and I can have all of my supplies organized.

I was looking at some blogs and such and I came across illustration mundo. It is really inspiring.

I am also thinking about what direction I should go in in life. I could take the photography program at Langara College next September. It is a two year program and when I'm done I could do wedding photography or something else.

I could take the illustration program at Capilano College. I think I could finish it in two terms. The same college also has a three year program called IDEA. It is for illustration and design. This link shows the recent graduates and their work.

I was also thinking about becoming a sign-language interpreter, or working with children with autism or other special needs. However, I think I really need a career that involves art.

This brings me back to my original choice, art therapy. I had planned on getting my diploma of fine arts (done), then going to another school and getting my bachelors (of anything), and then going to the Art Therapy Institute of Vancouver for a two year program. In order to get in you must already have a bachelors.

It is so hard to choose because I am worried that I will choose to do something that requires a portfolio and work my but off to make a good one, then end up not getting in. I don't handle rejection very well. I think currently the IDEA program looks the most interesting to me. I would love to be an illustrator/designer.

I also need a job or some sort of income fast. I just don't know what to do. I hate retail, but it's sort of my only option.

Any comments would be most appreciated!


Valerie said...

I'm SO glad your doing good!! Do whatever makes you happy and follow your heart!! All your ideas sound good to me!!

Anonymous said...

ali-oop... ok... so my friend sara gave me a photo frame for my birthday.... it's got an 11 x 14 inch (or 28 x 36cm) frame... could i hire you to draw up that design i've been so keenly desiring... there's a special day coming up in november and i would like to give it to you know who in december...

Anke said...

Hey I just painted some of those little Ikea Mirrors! Feel welcome to check them out at my blog!