Monday, August 07, 2006


Yesterday morning Jarod and I woke up at eight and got ready for our little adventure. We drove out to Jarod's parents place and left Gizmo with them and then drove out to Ladner to meet my mom. We left our car at the bus exchange and she picked us up there and then we stopped off to get coffee, gravel, and jiffy pop. She then dropped us off at my parents boat, Water Lily, and went to do laundry. My parents moved on to the boat in May after selling my childhood home in Ladner.
We helped my dad finish getting the boat ready and finally after my mom got back we were ready to leave. We started backing up and the boat got grounded. After a little bit of rocking we managed to get out of that situation and continued on our voyage. About 15 minutes later we made it out to deeper water and my dad said "I guess we're safe now", and that's when we really got stuck. We had to get towed out by a motor boat. After that we went down the river towards the Gulf of Georgia. The alternator broke on the way across, as well as the GPS, but we knew where we were going anyways.
Unfortunately it was such a beautiful day that there was hardly any wind. We only actually sailed with no motor for about ten minutes... (at least that's what I heard, I was down in the v-birth taking a nap!).
We finally arrived at Montague Harbor on Galiano Island around 6 at night. We put down our anchor and Jarod, my mom, Cleo, Ruphus and I took the dingy to shore to let the dogs go pee and run around for a bit.
After that we went to the marina and Jarod and I had something to eat. We got back to the boat and my dad was almost finished fixing the alternator. I'm so glad he's a boat mechanic!)
Eventually it was all fixed and my mom made us dinner. We had veggie chili.
After dinner we played a game that I had made on a sailing trip with my dad quite a few years ago. It was touching that my dad had saved it all these years, I had no idea. Then we got ready for bed.
In the morning Jarod and I phoned the taxi service to see if we could get a ride to the ferries on the other side of the island, but the message said they weren't open today because of lack of staff! So my mom dropped Jarod and I off at the marina and we started walking to the Ferries. It was quite the little walk up hill in the boiling heat! Luckily a woman stopped and gave us a ride. People are so nice on Galliano. Jarod and I got a slurpee, then some lunch and waited for the ferry to come. Eventually it did and it took us back to Tsawwassen where we took a bus to Ladner to get our car. We drove to Jarod's parents place to pick up Gizmo and then drove home. I had a nice cold bath when I got home, very refreshing.

My parents are going to continue sailing for a few weeks to test everything out before they come home for a little bit and then take off down to Mexico. So happy for them, but also scared to not have them around for such a long time! They'll be gone for about a year.

Anyways, that was our little adventure this weekend. Thought I'd post it even though it's mostly rambling. I think I'll use it for journaling on a layout.


.freckled.nest. said...

thats weird, i've never known anyone that goes sailing- thats so great that you parents are going to be having an adventure like that-cool!
Did you get sea sick at all? When you said you went and bought gravol, i thought you were going to do some renovations, lol!

Valerie said...

So happy that you had fun sailing!! So cool that oyu work at Clipper that store!! Awesome pages too!!