Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Road Trip

This weekend was awesome! On Saturday I slept in late, and then Jarod dropped me off at Safeway where we got some munchies for the car before Megan (Jarod's sister) picked me up and brought me to Jarod's parents place. We picked up Megan's best friend Carrie on the way. She quickly changed and then we left and picked up another friend of theirs, Sam. We drove to the border and waited in line for a while. The line ups weren't horrible, so that was good. After the border crossing, we kept driving for about 5 hours to Portland, Oregon. We stayed over night at a Best Western Hotel and watched The Breakup on pay per view TV. It was a very funny movie. In the morning we had complimentary breakfast (not the best I've ever had), and payed for our room. Then we piled back into Megan's car and drove to a mall. The real point of this trip was to go shopping since there is no tax in Oregan, and they have different stores from Canada. First we went to Target. It was SO much fun! I bought Gizmo a chew toy and some other random things for me. We shopped for most of the day, going to two different malls and lots of stores. In total I spent about $250.00 on clothes. My favorite store is Forever 21. They don't have it in Vancouver :( I love all my new clothes, I wanted them to reflect my personality while still being things that I can wear to work and look nice. I think we left Portland around 4:00pm. It was a long trip back, with lots of traffic. We had fun in the car though. We sang to music, played the alphabet game, and Carrie made us all laugh by doing things to other cars. She would sing to other cars beside us, make faces with straws in her mouth, yell random things like "Hi Peterpan", and just have fun! We got stuck in a pretty long line up at the border crossing, and finally arrived home around 11pm. It was a really fun trip, and I am so glad I went!

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.freckled.nest. said...

i love shopping in the states! exhilarating!! did you stop by any sb stores? i looked thru your links list today, and found a few that were cool, like artists and the whipup site. i wanna make one of those fabric belts!
hope you're doing well! :)