Wednesday, August 30, 2006


On Monday I had the day off of work so my mom, my nana, Jarod and I all went to the PNE. The PNE is a fair that goes on in Vancouver every summer for two weeks. It is at Playland (an amusment park), so there are rides, food, and lots of other things to do. My Nana is visiting from Edmonton, so it was nice to spend a day with her and my mom. Jarod is such a doll for coming along and not complaining at all!
We were picked up by my mom around 12 and she drove us into the city. Because the PNE is so popular, the paring lots are usually full. Therefore there are people on the streets with signs saying "parking". You pay them and they let you park in their driveway. We found this one old woman who hopped on a bike and took off down the street for us to follow her to the spot. She was so cute.
We got quite the day. We watched motorbikes do fancy jumps and backwards flipps in the air. That was pretty cool. They would sometimes go off the jump and then let go of their bike and grab on to the backseat and then manage to sit back down before landing. crazy stuff. We also went to the animal farm and saw piglets, cows, a HUGE bull, chicks, sheep, and much more. I love animals. We also went to Super Dogs. It is a show with all of these cool dogs that do awesome tricks like jump really high jumps and weave through bars and things. There was a dog in it that looked just like Gizmo. We watched the parade and ate lots of goodies. We didn't go on any rides because we've been on them so many times before. We also checked out the market place where they have tons of booths with people sellin random stuff. I find them so amusing. It's the type of thing where you walk by and someone with a microphone tries to get you to come over and watch them spill something on a rug and them sweep it up with a special broom. And then they always say "We have a special for the next hour only, buy one get one free!!"
It is a tradition for my mom and me to go every summer, so it was nice to have my nana and Jarod join us this year.

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