Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Naam

Last night Jarod and I drove into Vancouver to go out for dinner with my friends Michelle and Alyssa. They were both on the two month Europe trip that I took 2 years ago with my Art History program at Langara College. I have seen Michelle 3 times since we got back, and only seen Alyssa once. It was so much fun to see them both again. Went to my favorite restaurant, The Naam. It is a vegetarian restaurant that has been around forever. My mom went to it when she was my age. The service kind of sucks and you usually have to wait in a lineup to get in, but the food is amazing. It's also open 24 hours which is kinda cool. Jarod's friend Paul met us there as well. It was such a fun night, with tons of laughs. Alyssa showed us her wedding photo's which were amazing. Her dress was unbelievable.
Jarod and I got home around 11:45, and I went to bed. Today I worked at Clippers from 10-3, and then went to Michaels from 3:30-6:45. I am just working there for two weeks to do samples. Doug keeps being sneaky and trying to get me to stay, but Clipper Street won't let me work both places. I understand of course, since they're competitors. I don't really know what to do. I quit Michaels because I didn't like the commute, as well as the company is just so big I didn't feel like my voice was getting heard. However, Doug seems to really like me which is a good thing. At Clippers I make 2 bucks less per hour, but the stress is also much lower. Sometimes though I'll have nothing to do and it gets really boring. I haven't been there for long, so I don't know if it will change. I just feel like it's hard to get recognized for being a hard worker and therefor move up in the company if there isn't anything for me to do. But then the same thing goes for Michaels, what would I do there? I'm not leaving Clippers to go to Michaels to be a sales associate. If they offer me a higher up position, then I'll have to think about it. I have bills to pay, and my hours seem to be less than what I expected at Clippers. Oh what a boring ramble I just wrote. Sorry.

I read Elsie's blog today and she mentioned that she has 2 weeks off of everything. She is just going to do art. Wow. I would LOVE a vacation to do art. I may have to ask for one! Ha... and then there is the issue of making no money for 2 weeks!

And I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life! I always see babies and little kids at work and it totally makes me want a baby. I want to be a mummy but I know I'm too young.

I am starting to think about going into photography. Langara has a really good photography program. It is two years and covers how to start your own small business. Hmmmm.... sounds amazing. I would hate to start it though and discover I hate the technical part about cameras and numbers and such. I don't know much about aperture and things, although I would love to learn. I just had a bad experience in grade 12 with my photography teacher and had to drop the course. I couldn't learn from his style of teaching.

ok time for bed... another long day tomorrow!

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.freckled.nest. said...

you've been busy lately. the adventures of alice! i love little pigs, oooh, they are so cute! even more, i LOVE baby elephants! (lol, i've had dreams that penny and lola had a girl baby elephant for a
about work: i think you should stay at Clippers. i know i don't know the whole story. but i see this: since you left Michaels, you are happier, and more creative and energetic. those are worth more than $2 more an hour. Clippers is an art-scrapbook store. Michaels is the Walmart of Crafts. either way though, at least your working in the industry. thats cool.