Saturday, August 19, 2006

My class

The class that I will be teaching in Sept/Oct. at Clipper Street is on their website. The write-up about it was changed to seem more "hip" including the name of it. It was called "All about me-teen class," but now it's called "Wassup?". Also, it's a two-page spread but the picture is only of one side so it looks funny. Anyways, just thought I'd put the link here. I really hope I get some students... I'm terrified nobody will sign up.

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Marie said...

Hi Alice!

It was great meeting you the other day. I'm sorry I wasn't more chatty but I didn't want to get you into trouble at work.

I love the page that you have designed for tweens. I showed it to my 13 year old daughter and she thought the tag idea was really cool!

Don't worry about not getting anyone out to your class. My first class was cancelled - I needed 5 to make it go and I only had 4 registered. We'll see what happens with the classes in September.

It's really hard starting out but you're young and hip and I'm sure you find your "groove".

Just talk it up when you can and if someone mentions that they're scrapping for their teen or friend's teen drop a line about your class!

It's hard to push yourself but you can't be modest or shy when you're trying to break out in the business.