Thursday, August 17, 2006

day off

I did it. I submitted a page to Creating Keepsakes "Fresh Face". Wow. I can't believe I have finally submitted something. It's scary to have my work judged. It's a new page, I've never put it online before. It's about Gizmo. I don't want to post it because I don't want to jinx it. It is going in my album and staying there while I hope and hope and hope I get a response. Wow. So nervous.

Today was my day off. I woke up around noon.... I LOVE sleeping. Jarod left for work at about 2pm and I cleaned the condo. I mean REALLY cleaned it. I scrubbed the bathroom, organized everything under the sink, cleaned the kitchen, swept all the floors, did tons of laundry (including folding!), cleaned the bedroom, washed our bed sheets and made the bed, cleaned the dining room, swept the deck, and best of all; cleaned my scrap room!!! So proud of myself for doing that! I have been putting it off forever and it has been a disaster. I've had to scrap in the living room/dining room because of the mess, which I know drives Jarod crazy. He'll be so happy when he gets home from work! He deserves it. He always does all the cleaning. I just do the laundry. And he bought me gorgeous diamond earrings for our anniversary (August 2 was our four year). So it wasn't much of a day off, but I am so happy I did something rewarding instead of sitting on my bum watching TV all day.

oh yah... and Gizmo helped me with the laundry :)

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.freckled.nest. said...

i love those kinda days (afterwards). i get obsessive compulsive though and once i'm past one point i start hunting for more and more that i can do. know what i mean? i its hard to get to bed cause i wanna keep cleaning. (but that doesn't happen often) Gizmo is SO cute! i saw a blog where the ppl had just gotten a bosten terr. puppy and oh-how cute!
tyson took penny for a mani/pedi today (ie: she got her nails dremeled). she doesn't 'enjoy' it...