Friday, August 11, 2006


Hmmmm what to talk about... my new job at Clipper Street is going well, I had my first customer today who knew my name when she walked in... that made me happy. I helped her pick out paper for Winnie the Pooh invitations. I want a baby... so I can scrapbook :)
Other than that I am going to start teaching classes at Clippers soon (September). It is crazy to think that I'll be teaching there... at a REAL scrapbook store. The class I am going to teach is for teenage girls ages 10-16. I think they should have a class for themselves, without having to be with a bunch of older women. It is an "all about me" page... pink and glittery.
I also started designing one for my October/November classes that is a dog page. Although I am definitely putting my personality into it. It is very cartoonish... lots of paper cut outs. I'll post it soon, almost done.
I am in the midst of working nine days in a row, and not that stressed about it. I like my job. Most of the people are very nice, especially my co-workers.
Yesterday our computers crashed so we had to write down every single code off every product and then Amie came in early this morning and entered it all into the system.
Oh man... it's already 8pm and I want to get some more pages done tonight. Better get off the computer!

oh yah. i found this sight and LOVE everything they selll.


Maya said...

Hi Alice
I was at work, Michael's (nasty word) and I saw your blogsite. Thought I'd check it out. I always knew you were special and pretty amazing but your blogsite has confirmed it. You have a lot of talent and it sounds like you're starting to figure things out. It's not easy being an adult. : )
I will come and visit you at Clipper Street soon. The classes you're teaching sound great. Hope you keep enjoying it.

.freckled.nest. said...

Hi Alice,
Just wanted to say hi :)
Hope your 9 day stretch is nearing an end...
I finished my KI Album-so excited about it! Shipping it off today!
Have a great day,
Leigh-Ann :)