Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bad Dog.

Today I worked at Clippers from 9:30am-5pm. It was a pretty good day, just putting out new stock and such. Not too busy, not too slow. Tomorrow Katie and I are closing by ourselves! We're the two newbies so it's kinda scary. Hope we don't screw up. When I got off of Clippers I went to Michaels to work on samples until 7:45. Jarod called me and told me that Gizmo had gotten into my makeup bag while he was sleeping. He chewed up everything! Jarod found items all over the place. Serves me right for leaving my bag on the coffee table. I guess I'll just have to buy all new makeup now! Hahaha yah... with what money? Maybe Gizmo thinks I look better without makeup on.

I decided to give myself a budget for scrapbook supplies. I spend WAY too much. I was thinking $40 a week. Jarod said that's still quite a bit per month, considering I don't make much money. So he suggested $25. Ouch! I am doing well so far though! This week I have spent $16 and it's almost over! I am allowed to have it carry over to the next week too, which is good. (haha allowed... it's my own rules!)

At work today (Clipper Street) I had a customer who wanted some paper to cover a dictionary for her granddaughter. She asked me if I could do it, so I said sure. She tried to pay me $2.50 for doing it, but I wouldn't accept it. It's my job to help customers. So she left for a few minutes hwile I was doing it. When she came back she payed for some other stuff and then passed a bag to me as she was leaving. It had a back of chocolates in it. That was sweet of her, and made my day. Then we had stock delivered from our warehouse today, and included was a card for me. It was a thank you card from my big boss Cory for making my layout so fast for my class. It was such a surprise to get a card from a boss! Made me happy I work there.

I also had another student register for my class on Sept.13. That's two now! YAY!

ok... time to play with Gizmo before he eats my clothes too.

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