Thursday, July 27, 2006

work & play

I had the day off work so I spent most of it doing laundry and cleaning up a bit. Our condo is so small it gets really messy really fast (yes it's mostly my stuff, it ends up everywhere).

I went to Clippers for a class tonight. I get to take them for free and I have to take at least three before I can teach them. It was a beginners techniques class (not exactly one that I needed to take, but I just wanted to see how it is taught). Clipper Street is so organized when it comes to classes! They have instruction books for the techniques you learn, as well as for the actual project, and you get a bag of the supplies already cut up for you! We made a cute page, and I put a picture of Gizmo on it.

I can't wait to teach now! The classes look like so much fun to teach. I think I am going to submit an idea for a teen class. I like teaching teen girls. They're fun, and I'm only 21 so I can relate to them. Older women sometimes get grumpy when they find out I'm their teacher, I guess they don't like getting taught by someone so much younger than them. (This isn't all older women, some are very, very nice).

I am meeting with Cindy (Jarod's mom) tomorrow for lunch. She works in a building directly behind my work. We haven't seen her in a while because we've been so busy. Feeling kinda guilty... I know she misses her son.

I guess that's about it for today! I bought a super funky foam stamp set from work. It's be Making Memories and has a bunch of funky flowers that look like they're doodled. I'm going to go play!


.freckled.nest. said...

oooo--i got that flower set too!! ehehe. i got it in the states-next i want to get the dingbats one, its damask patterns and all that jazz. hey, how do you wash those foam stamps? i use them with Making Memories paint, but i'm afraid if i scrub (not hard though), the white part of the stamp might come off the black mounting...?
this clippers street sounds fun!, hope you get to teach soon! post your gizmo page if poss, would love to see it!
have a good day!

evrchangn said...

Hey Ali
Just wanted to mention how awesome your blog is. I'm so jealous that you got all the artistic talent in the family... you and gra got all moms abilities and i got dad's personality... so basically i'm screwed...
saw devil wears prada with my friend, sara, last night, you and anne hathaway are sooo alike... all the awesome clothes that she got to wear for the movie would look so amazing on you... have a great weekend, wish me luck in north bay, i'll know by tuesday where i'll be living next year... eek

evrchangn said...
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