Thursday, July 13, 2006

random thoughts

I am not tired but i know I have to go to sleep so I can wake up tomorrow morning for work. Silly two weeks notice thingy... after I gave my 2 weeks on Monday I lost all motivation for working at Michaels. I think I stocked about 5 boxes on Tuesday. That's just silly. I am normally such a hard worker, but I guess when there is no reason for me to impress anyone I kinda slack off. Blah. I do not want to work tomorrow. But it would be mean to just leave them hanging with nobody to fill my position. My manager doesn't even know that I've quit yet because he's on holidays. I do not want to face him Monday because he is totally going to try and talk me in to staying. Even his boss was trying to get me to stay, as well as the assistant manager for our store. But no. I am not happy there. I may be going down 2 dollars an hour in pay, but Clippers will still be a much better job for me. I am already about twenty times happier and I haven't even started yet! I have my first day on Monday at 3:30pm. soooo excited for my discount!

Today was nice. I cleaned. I relaxed. I smiled.

Now I am very hot and want to go to sleep but my mind is racing. oh well.... I'll go doodle some more sketches for layouts.

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.freckled.nest. said...

thats so cute that your bf bought you a purse! you should post a pic of all of yours.
hows your new job? does working in a craft store inspire you to craft? i was a nanny for 4 years and it did 2 things: 1)i'm 25 and no where near wanting to have my own kids. i'm very okay with that though. able to enjoy life, and craft 2)when i was a nanny, i had such a hard time coming home and cleaning. i did it at work (dishes,vacuuming and laundry) that when i got home, i just wanted to lay down. now being a secretary is awesome-such a good job for me. i work hard there and come home and its not on my mind. and i only work tue-fri. the sb store i shop at (Scrapbooking by Design-which is so good-totally my style) owner has asked me to teach a class or two. and that i could definately handle, cause its occasional. but i'm going to wait for late-winter once i'm less busy. and my stampin up lady used to ask me to be a demonstrator, but i sold partylite a few years ago, and always spent the earnings. i think the same would happen with s-u. anyways. hows your discount work, do you get a percentage off? that would be amazing! what kind of stuff does the sb store you work at sell. is it stuff from the magazines or like a mini-michaels? do they have an online site? is it a busy store. i think it would be fun, as long as you have a good boss.
i'm gettin hungry. hope these long-ramble posts don't bother you. i tend to do that, lol.