Wednesday, July 12, 2006

life is goooood

Life is going pretty well right now! Jarod and I LOVE our condo, our little puppy Gizmo is precious, and I had an interview today at Clipper Street, my favorite scrapbook store! The interview went very well (I think!). They looked at some of my albums and asked me lots of questions. They were super nice which was great! So excited and reeeeealy hope I get a job there! Elsie Flannigan also replied to an e-mail I sent her! It was SO exciting to see in my in-box! She mentioned she might be coming to Vancouver next year! Wow.... it would be so awesome to meet her, love her work so much.
Anyways, so life is good and I'm happy. It is so great to feel this way. I guess Michaels was exhausting me. Only a few more shifts left and I'll be FREE!!! yay!

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