Saturday, July 08, 2006


OK, so I am going to quit my job and focus on being a creative artist (scrapbooking, painter, collage artist, etc.) I need to make some goals for myself so I can actually be successful.... ok I'm starting to freak!


1. Have a work of art published in a magazine
2. Be one of Creating Keepsakes "fresh faces"
3. Design a font
4. Become a garden girl on Two peas in a bucket
5. Get asked to teach at a scrapbook store
6. Get a fan letter
6. enjoy what I do!
7. figure out a way to make money doing what I love!

ok.... this should be retitled my dream list that will probably never happen.... but hey, Elsie Flannigan did it, maybe I can too!

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.freckled.nest. said...

ok-seriously, it's like my monitor has turned into a mirror. are we the same person, lol? yes. this is weird.
1)no one(till yesterday) comes to my blog either
2)i want to make sb/creating my full time career too. i love love love it!
3)the goonies is on my list too
4)your goals list is same as me, i'm not joking!
5)i am a in love with Elsie too. And when she emailed me, & posted on my blog, i was blushing, squeeling, and laughing like a kid. my husband thought i was crazy. she IS amazing!!
6)my husband has depression. i kinda know what you go through. my tip,(if i may), is don't shut the world out, it gets a lot worse if you do. my husbands medicine took a long time to start doing what it says it will. but it does eventually make a difference.
Anyways, i was thinking, we should be encouragement buddies (i'm not a cheese ball, promise). cause we both seem to be going in the same direction (with crafts, a business, hopes). and i'm from canada too. let me know. come to my blog if you want,
i was thinking, in the setup of your blog, if you switch the comments section to allow 'anyone' to comment, then people that don't have a blogger account can also comment. i just changed mine today.
well, nice blog! hope to see some of your work, i'll keep coming back. then you know someones reading what you're blogging. lol, i wonder about mine sometimes... (other than my husbands pitty posts)