Sunday, April 09, 2006


Yesterday was supposed to be my last day of work. I bought donuts for everyone, and was planning on saying my good byes. When I got to work at 6am my boss didn't even look at me as we walked from our cars to the store. After I had punched in and gone to the office, he had gone off to do stuff. When he finally came back, I said, "So what? You're going to ignore me?" And jokingly he said yes, with a grumpy look on his face. I apologized for quitting, but I needed some me time and it would be to far to drive once I live in Guildford. Somehow he managed to talk me in to staying. The only reason I did id because he said he was putting up the posting for event coordinator tomorrow, but if I stay I could automatically have it. It has been my dream position since I started at Michael's. So I stayed. I got a raise, although it still isn't that great, but at least I'll still have a steady income. I'll work 20 hours a week, but get to choose when I work. I will schedule the class calendar, keep the classroom organized, and make sample projects for demos and such. I told Rachael and she was super excited and gave me a hug. I told Russell I was staying and he gave me a bear hug. I told Rosalee I was the new event coordinator and she was SUPER excited (she hated the last one). So it looks like everyone wants me to stay, and think I'll do a good job. Rosalee and Derek were talking in the office and were saying how happy they were and that the classroom was going to run so well now, and I was perfect for the job! The only problem is the commute. I have about 2 months before moving to Guildford so I will try the job out and see if I really like it. If I do than I'll try the commute for another two months and see if I can handle it. The cool part of this is that a new Michael's will be opening in Surrey next year, closer to me. Even if I quit, he'll recommend me once they open next year.

I met with Jane today. She was very nice and we looked through her box of memories of her father. It had a lot of dust and random stuff in it so I am happy that she has asked me to make a custom album for her, because I want those pictures to be saved. I was really nervous about telling her my price. I said that it takes me about an hour a page, and we agreed on $15.00 an hour, with me spending maximum 24 hours on the entire project. Since it is my first one, and she's my dad's friend, I lowered the price. She already has some paper and cardstock that will work well. I showed her some magazines and she really likes the heritage look. I have been wanting to play around with that style so this will be perfect! She is going to sort the photos and mementos in to separate events/times for me, and then we'll meet next Wednesday so I can pick everything up. I am glad she is trusting me with her photos. I can't wait to show her the finished project.

Today I am picking up my rubber stamps from Jarod's Aunts house. I am going to go over around 2:30pm to teach her some skills, and then Sandy will be there around 3:30pm to drop off our stamps from Stampin Up. Afterwards, Sandy and I will go for coffee so I can sign up to be a demonstrator!!! I'm really excited about doing this!

So I have lots on the go, but the great part is that I am really EXCITED about each thing. I am not feeling any stress about any of it, except for my final projects for school that I am procrastinating big time.

Last night Jarod and I went bowling with his sister Megan, her friend Carrie, and Megan's new boyfriend Tom. Jarod liked him which is great because Megan was scared he wouldn't.

We signed the final papers on our condo yesterday! I am now a home owner....Did I mention that I am only 20? Yikes that's scary, and kinda cool! Better that wasting money away on rent!

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