Saturday, April 01, 2006


I feel a lot better today. My mouth tasted like metal for half the day though from my new anti-depressant. I went to work from 6am-2pm. I also gave my two weeks notice at Michael's. No more discount :(
I have decided that I am going to become a stamp'n up demonstrator, as well as start my own business making custom scrapbooks and greeting cards. I thought it would be kind of cool if I did wedding albums where I go to the wedding and take photos, as well as get some from the photographer, and I talk to the guests and get quotes and stories and make an album. And I could also make custom wedding favors for brides who don't have much time. I'll research it a bit more but it's the direction I'm heading in. I am still stressed about school but I am going to work all day tomorrow on my projects.
That's about it!

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