Friday, April 07, 2006

no more school!

Yesterday was my last day of school! I still have to have meetings with my teachers to submit my final projects, but I don't have any more classes. phewph!
I also was informed by my new boss at my other job that they don't have the hours to keep me. I will finish up with April, but then that's it. I hope they continue to do crafts even without me. I have seen some real improvements in some people, and they get so excited when I arrive to teach. It's only four hours a week, but I really enjoy it.
I received an e-mail from a woman who used to work with my dad. A few months ago he was talking to her and mentioned that I am an artist and teach scrapbooking. She e-mailed me yesterday, and wants me to help her with an album about her father! I am not sure if I will be teaching her, or making it myself, but either way it's exciting. I am still waiting to receive photos from Jarod's cousin for his album about his longboarding career, and my moms boss wants me to make two albums for her. So it looks like this crazy idea of mine may actually work! It's so exciting that I am starting my own business! I have been researching online how much other companies charge per page and it averages around $25.00. So for an album that has 20 pages, that would be $500.00. That seems like a ridiculous amount of money, before you break it down. It takes me about one hour to complete a well-done page. The supplies for each page varies, but averages about $5.00. I asked my dad how much to charge for my time, and he told me to take what I made at Michael's, and double it. When he started his business he didn't charge enough, and started to get frustrated. So I made about $10.00 at Michael's, times 2 is $20.00 per hour. plus supplies per page is $25.00. I think that for teaching I will charge $20.00 per hour.
It is surprising how many people are interested in my business already, which is really exciting.

As for my health, I am doing much, much better. My mouth tastes like metal all the time, but other than that I feel pretty good. The best part is that I am actually sleeping at night!!

Three weeks before we have to be out of this house and we haven't started packing anything. We have lots to get rid of though, so we're going to have a garage sale in May.

Five weeks until we pick up Gizmo! I can't wait to have a dog around again.

Well that's my life right now

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