Friday, March 17, 2006

sleep please

Why can't I fall asleep? Every night that I have to wake up early (5am tomorrow) I can't fall asleep! My mind just keeps racing thinking about all of the things that I need to do. I have been so exhausted lately. But I have to keep going, April 6 I will be DONE school, and I'll get my diploma! But until then I have 5 huge final projects to do, one for each of my classes. It's funny how something that I am so passionate about like art can turn in to something that I dread to do. I hope that this summer I will enjoy it more because it will be just for me and it wont get critiqued or have deadlines.

Jarod and I found a condo that was beautiful and we really wanted, but unfortunately somebody else made an offer first and snatched it. We are going to go out with our real estate agent tomorrow to look at more places. We only have a month and a half before we have to move out, so we will probably have to live with Jarod's parents for a bit before we move into a new place. I am excited to decorate though, we're already choosing paint colours.

We also got to visit our puppy! There are two of them and we're not sure which one we will get but it doesn't matter, they're both so adorable! This photo is of their half brother. Boston Terriers are the most adorable dogs... I miss having dogs around. It's so lonely by myself.

I guess I'll try and go back to sleep now.

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