Wednesday, March 08, 2006


When I was six years old I had a teacher that changed my life. Her name was Mrs. Robertson. I have been thinking about her a lot lately. She was an artist and encouraged her students to do art as well. We made pots and boats out of clay, and even learned how to make a stamp to make our own pendants. We made papier mache cats and noisemakers. I remember her teaching me all about Vincent Van Gogh and taking us outside to splatter paint like Jackson Pollock. We even had our very own art show at the end of the year that our parents were invited to. One day she asked us to write down everything we knew about art. I wrote and I wrote, and ended up with six pages (double spaced and badly spelt, but pretty good for a six year old!). She was so impressed that she tried to get it published in a magazine for me. It wasn't, but her encouragement changed my life. After that year, I was always know as the artist. When I was in grade four I went to one of her art shows. I had never known what an amazing artist she was! I used my Christmas money ($75.00) to purchase an amazing clay tea pot that she had made. I still have it, proudly displayed in my home. She ended up teaching at my high school, but left the year before I was there. I also think that she has inspired my career path. I want to be an art therapist, because I want to inspire other people with art. I want to show them just how good it can make you feel. I want to change their lives. I still have a ways to go, but I am learning so much along the way. It is teachers like Mrs.Robertson that deserve gold medals.

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