Sunday, March 26, 2006

House hunting

Jarod, his mom and I went out with our real estate agent today to look at some places. The first two were so-so, but I fell in love with the last one! It is not huge, but gorgeous. It was built in 2005, and looks brand new. It's a one bedroom with a small den area that I can use for my crafts. It has a very large, open kitchen with stainless steel appliances!!! Oh my!! It's beau-ti-ful! We made an offer and are waiting to hear back from them..... oh i hope it works out because the last one i got excited about fell through. It is at the very top of our price range too ($159,900). My parents sold their place the other day which is really great... and also sad. Bye bye to my childhood home. Jarod and I also went to see our puppy Gizmo tonight. His one blue eye looks really cool! He is only 4 weeks old, so we have 6 weeks to go before we get him. I took lots of photos. I realized today that I really only have a week and a half left before all of my projects are due. I made my lightbulb lamp for design and it looks very cool.
My dad has trusted me to sort all of our slides and negatives from when I was young, and before I was born. There are BOXES of them. I have spent about 10 hours this weekend sorting them, and I have lots more to do. It is so neat to see me as a kid. I am eating in almost every picture!
I am still very confused about what to do with my life, what school to go to, where to work, etc. but I should forget about it until I finish all of my projects.
I am being a cow to Jarod lately. Not on purpose, he just does little things and I freak because I am in a messed up place which isn't fair to him.
OK i have to go to sleep now. I'm exhausted and have school in the morning.

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