Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Art Please

At 6:30 this morning I was bored and wrote a very long post. Unfortunately, near the end my computer froze and lost it. *FRUSTRATION*

When Jarod was tucking me in last night he sat on the side of the bed and it broke! We had to sleep in the small bed in my craft room last night instead, which was very uncomfortable. Jarod is 6'4" and didn't fit between the wall and my desk when he wasn't curled up.

At least I got to sleep in today. I didn't have to work until 3:00pm. Unfortunately when I work later in the day I don't make use of the extra time, I just sleep because I'm so exhausted from all the stress I am dealing with right now.

I am suddenly confused about what I want to do next year. I was planning on taking psychology to get my Bachelors and then going to the Art Therapy Institute for a fifteen month program. In total, it will be probably be another 3 or 4 years on top of the 2 years I have already completed. My painting teacher told me that she heard a rumor that Kwantlen University is applying to teach Art Therapy, which would be incredible. They would have a four year program, but it would all be about art therapy, and maybe some of my credits from Fine Arts would transfer over and cut down the time. The problem is that I am not sure if it is actually happening, or when it would start. I was debating whether or not to go to school this fall even before I found out about the possible program. I have been feeling very guilty lately about not doing much art. I do lots of art at school and both of my jobs are teaching art, so when I get home I don't feel all that creative any more. I was thinking about taking some time off of school and perhaps quitting one of my jobs and trying to make money from doing art. I met with Jarod's aunt and cousin last night because she is paying me to make a scrapbook about his longboarding career. I have been thinking about doing custom scrapbooks for other people and starting my own business that way. Another idea is to work at a scrapbook store. I work at Michaels right now which is a great company, but unfortunately does not get new product in as often as most specialized stores. As for teaching classes at Michael's it is hard because I only have one to three students per class since most serious scrapbookers go to other stores as well.

I am also not sure where I will be living after May, since we have to move out of our basement suit by May 1. We are still searching for a condo or townhouse, but are not having much luck finding a nice one in our price range. I don't want to quit Michaels and get a job in Langley if we will be living in Richmond or something.

I just want to sit at home for a few months and not do anything except stay in my craft room and make pretty stuff. I went to a store in Vancouver with my mom on Saturday. It is called Ruby Dogs and is my new favorite store (other than Clipper Street). Half of the store is filled with bins of stuff like postage stamps, straws, CD's, hair nets, envelopes, old photo's, etc. You pick between three sizes of paper bags and can fill it with whatever you want! The rest of the store is filled with tons of great things that are individually priced. They have vintage labels, mini ric-rac, tags, and much more. I had so much fun and spent $40.00.

I received an e-mail from our puppies breeder and we know which one is ours now. He has one blue eye which means he won't be shown, but does not matter to us at all! His name is Gizmo.

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